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Land of the Ninjas..

by on Jun.28, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So the family left last night to go the mountains. I had to say goodbye to everyone for the next four months as I leave for Tokyo on Thursday.

It was a very heartfelt moment, I didn’t really tell them much, because I didn’t want the kids to be upset. So I didn’t cry in front of them or anything.. I just got my hugs and kisses and sent them on their way.

Last night though I did have a small talk with Matthew. I told him I couldn’t go to the mountains with him because I have to go to the land of the ninjas. He said they are soo tough though.. And I said I will beat them.. To which he replied. I want to go to the land of the ninjas and beat them. I’m strong too and you can’t beat them without me. So I explained that I had to go beat the ninja’s for work and this why he can’t come.

This morning though I got woken up by the sound of little feet running across the house, then jumping on the couch with me, and beating me on the back saying “daddy daddy daddy”. I was certain that either Laura had left Savannah or that something bad had happened and Savannah was haunting me..

Either way, Savannah was safe in her car seat on the way to the mountains and I appeared to just be smoking the good crack rock and hallucinating again.

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Honto — Green Tea

by on Jun.20, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

Really? Me.. drink green tea?.. Well.. I figure I need to come up with something cheaper than soda to drink while in japan. Especially while eating out. So I’ve started trying to drink green tea.

This may not be amazing to most of you.. But to those that know me.. They know I absolutely hate Tea.. Any kind of tea. Its that “Tea” flavor that tea leaves in your mouth that I hate. But I am also very stubborn. So I know there is no reason for me to dislike that flavor so I am forcing myself to drink green tea. I’ve got to say, the first cup wasn’t that bad. Of course I only steeped it for 1 minute, and it was a larger coffee cup I made it in, so it might have been weaker than your average green tea, but the fact I could drink it and say it was “Ok” at all is amazing.

BTW, two weeks from now I will be waiking up for my first saturday in Tokyo… I will have been in tokyo for almost 18 hours by then..

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Flying to Japan

by on Jun.11, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

I now have my plane ticket, visa, and what not.. So I’m ready to go.. I land in Tokyo on July 4th.

I’ve also found that I am now understanding about 1/10th of the words I hear in anime or other japanese tv.. These are mostly just particles and such but I am starting to hear and understand some stuff..

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Interesting Thought….

by on Jun.11, 2008, under My personal dribble

So someone was asking on the internet an interesting question.. Specifically, if they traveled back in time to 1000 AD what Technology or Theory should they know so they could change the world and make a difference.

During the post there were alot of the “Invent the Printing Press”, “Invent and Make Gunpowder”, and so on. Someone even recommended he start a business selling cats as home pets to fight the oncoming plague.

But then someone chimed in with something great…

“If you are transported back in time, then it’s already the case now (in 2008) that time slices of you existed in the past. Accordingly, we know already that you did not invent any amazing machines early, or, if you did, they didn’t catch on. (See David Lewis’s “The Paradoxes of Time Travel”.)

However, from this no particular practical advice follows, except that if you try to change history, you won’t succeed. ”

I just love that statement.. Basically putting the guy in his place that no matter how hard he tries to change the past, the past already existed and already knew of his changes and in such he can’t change shit…

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I'm a failure… And Proud of it..

by on Jun.07, 2008, under My personal dribble


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

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Japan Trip

by on Jun.05, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

Well, I now have a visa.. So I am ready to go to japan.. The dates keep shifting but it looks like I will be leaving on or around the 4th of July..

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It's a Wii Fit Epidemic

by on Jun.05, 2008, under My personal dribble

So I’ve had Wii Fit now for two days..

The first day it told me I was 55 years old.. So I did the training and unlocked a few games, and tried again today.. I am now only 35 years old… So I did some more yoga, and then did a couple strength excercises and a couple of aerobics followed by the game. I will say this game is fun. And for an overweight fat bastard like myself it provides a pretty good workout. After 30 minutes of playing I need a shower. Of course I need a shower after 30 minutes of sitting also. But on the games I can tell my balance and control is getting better.

Laura seems to really enjoy it also. Which is good since she probably won’t be going out for walks anymore. Last time she went out for a walk I had to drive to pick her up because there were crazed men running the streets and stabbing people. She bumped into one of the victims as they stopped her, asking for directions to the hospital as they were gushing blood. They advised her to get off the streets because said crazed men were stabbing people.

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Go vote at Woot…

by on Jun.03, 2008, under My personal dribble

For all the secret spongebob fans, go over to woot and vote for this t-shirt:

<a href=”″></a>

For those that don’t know..

1) The island in the background is okinawa

2) In one spongebob episode the owners of “Karate Island” invite him to become their king of karate so they could try to force him to buy timeshares.

3) One of the few places you can still lick a door knob is another spongebob quote..

Yes.. I was bored.. And wanted to just create a wierd shirt.. Now you all go vote for it.

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