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Asakusa Clock..

by on Jul.27, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

Here’s the video of the clock..

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Asakusa Temples and bazaar

by on Jul.27, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

Well, today was asakusa day. I went and visited the temples and shrines. Saw lots of buddhas and really big lanterns.. The bazaar was really neat as its the first place I’ve seen really japanese souvenirs.. Everywhere else has had a few things here and there, but this place was jammed pack with junk, I mean souvenirs ๐Ÿ˜‰

The temples were beautiful, and I even found a bunch of kimono and yukata shops.. I wonder if they can make a yukata for my size..

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Musashi Shinjo Festival

by on Jul.26, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So it must be festival time in Japan.. Tonight is the Tokyo Firework Show.. And while walking home I hard music.. After putting some stuff down and going outside.. I found a festival just 4 buildings down from mine at the local elementary school. I didn’t hang around too long because I was by myself and it was a small festival. But here’s some pictures of the atmosphere at a festival..

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Hanabi Photo Catchup

by on Jul.26, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So trying to catch up on posting photos.. Here are the photos from Yokohama when we went to china town and the fireworks show

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The post you all have been waiting for…. Maid Cafe

by on Jul.26, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So.. First thing I must tell you is… Maido Cafe is very much like vegas.. What happens in Maido Cafe stays in Maido Cafe..

First here is my license to Master:

My license as Lv1 Master

As you can see I am a level 1 master.. You move up the ranks by going more and more.. 4 more visits and I become a Silver Master.. I can’t remember what that title is, but right now I am a “My Master”…

Next thing you need to know.. Maido cafe is not about sex.. Very far from it.. Its not even about being “Sexy” like we think in america. Maido cafe is all about…. How to say…. Only way to say is to use Japanese.. Kawaii. Ok, so most of you are wondering.. What the heck is Kawaii.. The best way to describe it is “So cute it makes you sick”.. Everything they do is very cute.. Of course they are also very subservient in their presentation.

So you go into the maido cafe and wait a very long time. This is because we chose to go to one of the best ones. We looked at a couple but they were basically just cafe’s with girls dressed as maids.. This one was true Kawaii Maido Cafe.. In fact the rumors are @Home started the maido cafe scene. So after waiting you get ushered to the dining room. There we had to take off our shoes and sit on the floor in very comfortable floor seats.. This is because maido cafe is all about being served kawaii style while at home by a maid. So you sit down and they introduce the menu and prices.. I ordered a Iced Tea with Milk and a omlette on rice and a photo.. They don’t let ou take photos in the place to help keep the mystique about what goes on in one..

When she brought my iced tea she sat down beside the table and presented it to me.. Then she offered to pour in my Sweetener(Japan uses a liquid sweetener in everything, no sugar). Here’s where the kawaii comes in.. She warned me, I won’t stop pouring unless you say “Mo-eh”.. I asked what is “Mo-Eh”.. The explanation is “When I get something I really like and am very excited about it I go “Mo-Eh”, so it means I am very happy”. Ok… I can do that.. She pours the sweetener and I do my best “Mo-EH” j-girl impression.. It was funny but very cute.. Then she offered to pour my milk for me… This time though.. She wouldn’t stop until I went “Nan-Na Nan-Na” with my hands besides my face like a cat pawing his whiskers.. Wow.. this is getting to the Kawaii stage.. So cute its sickening.. But soooo much fun because everyone does it for these girls because they are cute and wearing maid outfits.. So she pours the milk and I do my “nan-nay Nan-nay” face and we all laugh. Then she offered me 100 straws so I had to pick one. I picked the green and she took it out and then stirred my drink for me.. Are you getting the subservient undertones here.. I can’t even make my own drink… Afterwards she still wouldn’t let me drink my drink. This is because it wasn’t Oishi(Delicious) yet.. We had to make a symbol like a heart with our hands and pour love into the cup.. I’ve got to say though.. This was the best milk with iced tea I ever had so maybe this kawaii stuff works..

Later my omlette comes and she asks me.. What do you want me to draw on it.. I told her something very kawaii.. So she drew a kitty cat on the omlette with ketchup and then made the hash browns into paws and the potato salad into a bear. Again, very kawaii..

After eating, it was time for the picture.. She took me to the picture room and told me she wouldn’t take a picture unless I put on the cat ears and gave me a very sad face.. Then when I put them on she got all excited and started to jump up and down.. I again had to do the cat whisker thing for the photo.

Maid cafe picture

After the picture went back to the seat and we played rock paper scissors with the maids and they had a little show on the stage with the winner.

Gotta say though, we all think maido cafes are all about sex. They really aren’t they are just about kawaii and having fun. We had a great big smile on our face but it had little to do with the girls and their clothes, it was all about the fun games and presentation.

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Shimbashi Festival

by on Jul.25, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So I went to my first official Japanese festival today after work. It was the shimbashi festival which is located in downtown tokyo right around the corner from my office.

Let me start by saying that festivals in japan are like street fairs. I show up at the shimbashi eki to wait for cho-san and the smell of the food is just sooo goood. The japanese will put anything on a stick. And one thing about festivals is its the only place to get greasy japanese food. They had fruit on a stick, chicken, pork, steak, octopus, and even hand made candy on a stick.

While walking around we found an place where they had old Japanese toys. One of them was a top that you wound up on string and then through it on a bucket top with a friend. who evers stayed on top longest or spun the longest won.

Then we found the traditional games like Fishing for Fish.. But they were real fish. They give you a bowl and a piece of rice paper. You have to use the rice paper to catch the fish and get it in the bowl. The problem is that rice paper disintegrates when it gets wet. They also had a similiar game where you had to catch a bouncy ball with a thin ice cream cone that would melt when it hit water also.

We found a game that my super gaijin powers was well suited for though,. You bent over and tossed a ring on a toy and you won the toy. So my super long non-asian legs and arms allowed me to reach over and practically place the ring where I wanted it.

We continued walking and found a pagoda like park where there were a ton of lanterns and someone singing traditional japanese songs. After a beer and some pork on a stick people in kimonos started dancing and they broke out the drums.. It was really fun to watch, kind of like the scene in Karate Kid where daniel is in okinawa and everyone is dancing at the festival. Of course I got in the middle and danced a little bit so cho-san could get a picture.

Once we left there we found another plaza where for 100 yen you could bowl 2 balls. I challenged cho-san since he had beaten me at tops and got a strike.. Stupid me.. The strike meant I won a real bowling pin signed by famous japanese bowlers I now had to carry around with me. We met up with cho-san’s coworker and went to a traditional sashimi style restaurant where you had to take your shoes off to enter and sit on the floor.

Had a few more beers and some good sashimi and then called it a night… All and all.. Japanese festivals are alot of fun. I forgot my camera though so I have to wait to get the pictures of me dancing from cho-san.

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Hanabe Festival in Yokohama

by on Jul.20, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So yesterday was a very busy day. I started out by heading to akihabara in search of my dvd player. Finally found one.. You had to go to the top floor of the building, then find the secret stair case on the floor and that took you to the “International” section where you needed a passport to buy stuff. Once there I found the rack of portable dvd players and asked. Which ones are region free.. He responded all of them.. I thought I was in heaven. All the players were ntsc and pal and region free. So I bought an 8 inch portable sony dvd player that was region free.

Now I can watch any regions movies on the go or on my tv. And the sony had much better quality than the other ones.

I then left for musashi kosugi where I met up with cho-san and we travelled to Yokohama. Once there we went to china town. It was kind of boring, had a few cool things and a chinese style family restaurant. We ate there, then went to the park where 60 billion other people were to watch the fireworks. The first spot we picked was ok for sitting. But we couldn’t see anything because of the tree. This sucked because we didn’t know where the fireworks would be or else we wouldn’t have sat there.. About 5 minutes in though we moved a bit and were able to see. Slowly people left through the show so we were no longer cramped and actually were able to lay down and watch the last half of the show.

After the fireworks we went back to china town to look at all the people walking around in kimonos. Yes, japanese girls wear kimonos to festivals like this.

We ended up in a game parlour. I got 1000 yen worth of “Metal” which I quickly doubled in poker and then we played all the other games until we were out. Caught the express train home and I slept 12 hours…

I’ve got pictures of all this but wordpress cross posting is broken right now so I’m avoiding uploading pictures.

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Drunken Debauchery in Ropongi

by on Jul.19, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So tonight, we decided to go to ropongi. Me and cho-san. First we got there and visited a store called Don Quiote. It was a duty free electronic/toy/grocery store that sold everything one could want in one place. While there I picked up a edame keychain.

Then cho-san knew of a Cabaret style show in the area so we went and saw it. The food was just ok, but the show was excellent. Japanese women and men dancing to hard beats in kimono’s.. We drank a pitcher of beer between the two of us, plus one drink each.

Afterwards we walked around ropongi and every minute some “African”, mostly nigerian, would walk up and ask me if I wanted to go to a “Gentelman’s club”. After the 20th approach by these people we decided we needed to get off the street, so I saw a jamaican reggae bar.

We went in and it was the best atmosphere.. We got there before it got busy and they were so interested in cho-san as he hadn’t ever expercienced reggae or red stripe or anything jamaican before. So we spent the night there drinking and playing drinking games.. They have some fun games here. Cho-san lost one that me, him and the bartender were playing so he had to drink something called “Scorpion Bite”. I asked what it was and it was basically Vodka, Tequila, and Gin mixed with Chili Peppers and soaked for over a year. After many many many red stripes it was time to go home because the trains stop running at 1:00 am. So we wandered to the train station and head home.

When we got home though Cho-san had lost his key. So we had to wake up Yoruzu-San so cho-san could climb out his window and through his own window.. I know, stupid drunk trick.. Cho-san got back in his apartment and found his key. It was hidden inside his mobile flip phone.

The point is.. Lots of fun drunken debauchery in Ropongi.. And I think we will be going back to the jamaican bar again.

Sorry if this post wasn’t legible I’m writing it after drinking way tooo many beers.

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by on Jul.13, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

So today I went to Akihabara and Harjuku.. How was it you ask?

Lets start with Akihabara. Akihabara is a mecca for electronics. It is referred to Electronics city. It was very neat, but also kind of just a tourist trap. Lots of advertisements for maid cafes, lots of electronics. But I couldn’t find the one thing I wanted, a region 0 portable dvd player. And my friend couldn’t find what he wanted either, 5 copies of windows xp. He could find 2 at most stores, but not 5.

We did though swing by an arcade and I was very impressed with the style of their arcardes. They are much more interactive and have cooler games. For instance, they have card based games where you lay your card on a table and it is read by the game and you battle other people at other stations. They also had a mech game that was really complicated.

After we left the arcade we found another akihabara shop.. The porn shop ;).. They had 6 floors of japanese movies, from anime porn to school girl to scat. It was fun to walk around with my friend and explore the porn stores and see if we could figure out what some of the “Devices” were for or what the movies were. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we left akihabara and went to harajuku. We actually got off the train just north of harajuku and walked to the meiji shrine and through the park. This is when we discovered the music.. Ohh soo much music. It was alot of fun to walk around and see all the different bands. I made a video of the bands and added it to the end of this post.

We then went down the “Teenie Bopper” street where all the Harajuku Girls buy their outrageous outfits. We found a crepe store where I had a cheesecake, chocolate sauce, whip cream and bannana crepe.. That was soooo good. While trying to leave we got lost and bumped into a Marine.. Yes Gabe, there are Marines in Tokyo and the big black ones stick out ;).. So we started talking and me, marine dude, and cho went to have ramen together.

First some pictures:

And finally, the world premier of Harajuku, the good, the bad, and the wtf…

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ohh i forgot to add..

by on Jul.12, 2008, under Gaijin in Tokyo

I had natto…

and I will only tell you what I thought of it in japanese.


I also had sashimi, and a bunch of other new stuff tonight.

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