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Cub Scout Updates

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Cub Scouts, General, My personal dribble

As most of you know. Me and Matthew have been getting very involved in cub scoutting lately. This is Matthew’s first year, so he is a tiger cub. We already did the Popcorn sales, and Matthew actually raised 10% of the entire pack’s goals.. He did very well selling outside publix and door to door all by himself.

We also recently had our first cub scout camping trip. This was probably the most fun we have had in a long time. Matthew absolutely loved it and wants to go back soon. He got to go canoeing, shoot bb guns and archery, and some arts and crafts.

Finally, we also had his halloween party where he went as a “Mummy Ninja”.

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Life's lessons…

by on May.25, 2009, under General, My personal dribble

I’m working third shift for the next two weeks, and as I sit here trying to adjust to the overnight schedule, kids asleep upstairs, I just finished watching a movie. For some reason this lit a fire under my ass and I started to look into online workshops for writing.

This is where it all went down hill.. I spent probably 2 or 3 hours comparing Stanford, Gotham, Writing, and a few others. Then I moved on to local colleges and universities and remote sites with programs. I looked up summer retreats, and weekend get aways.

Then it hit me.. In the past 5 years, I have spent probably over 200 hours trying to find the best way to learn to write.. And only maybe 20 or so hours actually writing.

If you haven’t noticed yet.. I deleted the blog. I’ve relized that I have a bunch of huge time sinks.. I’m going to list a few of them, so if you see me disappearing from these, realize that I’m trying to do something better with my life.. And not just avoiding you.

1) This blog.. I haven’t been able to write in it for a while.. Been too concerned with all the eyes reading it and what they might think.. But I’ve got over 400 posts in this thing.. If the averate post is 500 words long.. That’s 20k words. Or 1/4 of a novel. I could have written my novel instead of this thing.

2) Facebook/myspace… I had deleted all of these previously, but I got pulled back in. I’ll probably keep my facebook account, but I’m not going to use it actively anymore, and probably delete everything from it also.. The reason for this is because I want to use it as a communication tool with distant friends, because it rocks at that. But I’ve been using it as a time sink for playing games and such.

3) TV… I get much greater enjoyment from a book or a movie than I get from TV.. So why do I keep watching pointless shows? I do enjoy watching House, 24, and Lost, but they are the same shows every week. Now that they are over, I really am not looking forward to anything, so I think I should just stop.

Unfortunately, I still need to keep the tv/cable for the kids. But for myself, its netflix or books.

So what does this gain me??? I’m hoping this gives me more time to focus on the things I want to do, writing and finding a system for beating the lottery. And more tiem for the things I need to do, like get to the gym and back in some form of Martial Arts.

The first two examples are important for my mental/intellectual health. And the last two are important because I am Tachicardic with High Blood pressure. Mix in my weight and I’m not going to be here much longer(This is doctor’s statement.. And with the chest pains I get, I believe her).

With that being said. I will post on this blog major updates.. Stuff like Savannah’s first date, Matthew’s first time being brought home by the cops, etc.. But no more random useless posts.

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Give me some comment luv…

by on Aug.22, 2008, under General

So I installed a new comment plug in for wordpress.. Its called commentluv and it should now visit any comment posters website and download the latest post on their site via rss and add it to their signature. Please post some comments if you have a blog and use your blogs url for your sites url and it we should start seeing some comment luv..

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Programming Bug

by on Nov.05, 2005, under General

Something crawled up my ass and bit me.. I’m calling it the programming bug cause I’ve been trying to get more skillz with the programming right now. So far today I’ve written a simple RSS reader and a Picture Box screen saver…

Watch our world.. 😉

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Hurricane Busters Space Program

by on Oct.21, 2005, under General

So I need lots of funding to try my new idea.. I want to farm asteroids to keep available for busting up hurricanes. I’m figuring on creating enough of a disturbance or fluctuation in the eye of the hurricane by flinging asteroids, VERY LARGE ASTEROIDS, into the center of hurricanes from space. I’m hoping this would slow down and disrupt the hurricane enough to make them safer for all man kind. So basically I need a space ship to tow asteroids back to orbit with, a couple super computers to calculate the trajectories of the asteroids, and someone good enough to pilot the space ship on those trajectories and release the asteroids… If we act quick enough we may be able to stop Wilma…

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While we’re on the subject:

by on Oct.07, 2005, under General, Uncategorized

1. Stolen from [info]Dexeron

Heres what you do:
Go to and type “(your name) needs” Then pick the 5 funniest ones there.

If your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: “James needs”

you got the idea?

Then copy and paste this into your journal with your answers filled in.


1. Joey needs time

2. Joey needs a spanking!

3. Joey Needs a sidekick

4. Joey needs to stand up for himself.

5. Joey needs to quit his job

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Just For you….

by on Sep.24, 2005, under General

Walking through the door into the blue and white reception area wasn’t something I had ever figured on doing before. Here I am though at the Lincoln Park Sanitarium being checked in by two armed guards. The police had picked me up only six hours before from wife and mine’s house on a domestic violence charge. Apparently all the screaming and yelling had woken up the neighbors and the sight of crystal figures flying through the window that had already been broken by the vase was cause to call in emergency help.

Neither my wife nor I had hit each other. We never do. We had just thrown things at each other to get our points across. It was how we always fought, loud and with heavy flying objects. This time though it just scared the neighbors more than usual and the police had decided that I was a threat to society and myself. Hence the baker act form they slide across the desk to the receptionist.

“Have you ever been admitted by force or self to an institution before?”
“Not in my wildest dreams”
“It is interesting that you use the word ‘Dreams’. It is part of our procedures that new admittances go through a virtual re-enactment, which is almost dream like without consequences, of the event that got them here”.
“I hope there’s nothing fragile for me to throw”.

An hour has passed and I am now sitting in a small room. I had to change my clothes into a silvery metallic spandex like jumpsuit. Not only does the spandex make me self conscious of having my crotch thrust out for everyone but it has small wires weaved into it that weave in and out of all the most irritating spots. On the table in front of me is a silver helmet with more wires coming out of the top than underneath the hood of my car.
The technician sitting at the desk to my side is finishing up a questionnaire about the incident in his computer.

“So your wife is 5’3”?
“Yeah, but don’t tell her that. She insists on adding at least 2 to that number.”
“Ok and we are going to go to the point where things became abnormal for you two. How about we choose the spot where you flung the vase through the front window.”

The technician reached across the table grabbed the silver helmet and strapped it to my head. He then proceeded to make a few last minute adjustments on the top of it, and flipped down two spoon shaped devices over my eyes that were apparently cameras or projectors of some sort as the whole world faded to pink.

Slowly, as if it was seeping through the edges, the living room came into view. The house was a mess, the mail had been scattered across the floor and the beef stroganoff was shuffled off the dining room table onto the floor of the dining room and the adjacent wall. There she was, standing next to the broken window, crying and screaming, of course I was unable to make out a word she was saying over her tears but I could tell she was mad. My heart was pounding so fast and hard I could barely breathe as if my arteries were choking me. Then it hit me. A flying copy of Stewarts guide to decorating hit me squarely in the head. I didn’t even have time to realize how much it hurt before I grabbed the crystal figures on the table and through them, not at the wife for I knew that would hurt her more than was worth fighting over, but out the window, knowing full well that it would hurt her just as much emotionally to throw them at her and out the window as if I had actually hit her.

I ducked her next attack and screamed out, “That fucking hurt.”
She was puzzled, as if she didn’t expect to hit me with that last book. “Why is it that every time I say something you don’t agree with you have to make a fight out of it” she replied.
“Cause you have no reason for your objection. You just said it to be mean.”
“Of course, anything I say has to be unreasonable, with no logic or meaning behind it cause I’m a woman. Same excuse you give every time.”
“You deny it? You just let your emotions and whims get in the way, you aren’t capable of having a reasonable conversation.”
“And you are? Throwing the vase your sister gave us through the window.”
“Don’t you see? I do this because of you…. For you.”
This is when the virtual reality simulation started to differ from real life as this is where the cops showed up. But in the simulation there were no cops so I turned around and grabbed the knife off of the kitchen counter. Ashleigh hit the ground crying when she saw the knife. I had no intention of hurting her though, I just wanted to show her how serious I was so I slid the knife across my stomach, slowly cutting away the flesh and opening the pocket beneath it. Finally the pain of the book hitting me in the head caught up and I had an immense headache. Good thing my pain response was 45 seconds behind reality or else I wouldn’t have been able to reach inside and pull out my entrails to put on display.
“This is what I do for you. I sacrifice myself every day in and out so you can be happy. I cut at my self and pull all that I am out for you to see so that you know that I did everything… Just to make you happy.”

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Adopt a Creole at the Red Cross

by on Sep.02, 2005, under General

At least 24 nations and international organizations, ranging from Israel to Venezuela and the United Nations, have offered medical teams, field hospitals, military aircraft and other help.

I’m really glad to see the above mentioned. With all of the aide we offer to other nations in their disaster relief it is nice to see that the world is banding together to help us out now with the aftermath of Katrina. I was really concerned that the current administration might have allienated the foreign goverments to the point that they would not even offer help… I guess I was wrong though, it appears no matter what your political or social views we still have the urge to help each other out in emergencies…

BTW, if you haven’t already, adopt a creole at Red Cross…

For pennies a day you will recieve letters and pictures of the creole of your choice…

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Jessica’s Balls

by on Aug.26, 2005, under General

The initial contact with the twins was cold and heavy. Most would have reached into the box before them and quit right there. Quitting was not my style though so I proceeded to wrap my course fingers around the cold and heavy situation and make the best of it. Many times things started to get out of hand and once or twice it even got away from me. But staring face to face with my own fears in the silvery glow was all the reassurance I needed. As they started to warm up from the friction of rubbing together in the palm of my hands things got easier and start slipping into place. I slowly picked up speed hoping, just this once, not to drop the ball. I heard music scream out all around me and knew I had reached the climax I had so desired and once fully satisfied and aching all over I open the flower covered box and put the silver relaxation balls away in their red velvety cradle. Thank you Jessica for letting me play with your balls.

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Free IPod for all…

by on Aug.18, 2005, under General

Well, after relizing that the freeIbook was going to take alot of referals, I have aimed for something a bit smaller… A Free IPod instead, so this one is alot easier to complete so everyone go sign up.. I only need 5….

Free Ipods Inside….

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