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RFC on letter to USCO

by on Oct.28, 2005, under Political Interests

Well, I’m working on typing up a letter to the USCO for the following:

Copyright Office

37 CFR Part 201
[Docket No. RM 2005-11]
Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress

ACTION: Notice of inquiry

More information at:

Take the time to review the letter and see if there is anything else I should include in there…

Throughout history feel good politics have constantly threatened our rights as citizens of the United States. They seek to protect ordinary citizens from themselves. This is not the stance that the government should take when it comes to legislation. Legislation should be passed to protect an individual from outside harm, not themselves. The DMCA, especially the anti-circumvention aspect of the DMCA, is one such legislation that has over stepped its bounds. United States Citizens do not need protection from themselves, but protection from the media companies that wish to keep these laws on the books. Being an Information Studies graduate of Florida State University I have had much exposure to copyright issues and have always believed in the right of Fair Use. The DRM, Digital Rights Management, systems in effect today take away our rights to Fair Use and the anti-circumvention tools are the only ones that allow us to fight back.

Being an earlier adopter of CD technology for music and data backup, I have witnessed countless examples of “BitRot” on these discs and I can only assume that this degeneration will present itself on all future media also. As such to protect my investments in such media, I must have the Right and Capability to make legal backups of the media. Under the current DMCA and copyright law we have the Right to make Fair Use copies and backups for our own personal use, but the Anti-Circumvention clause makes it impossible to do such legally.

If the USCO wishes to promote fair use and the ability of individuals to make personal backups of their investments then they must allow circumvention and even push for legislature that makes DRM technology that work against Fair Use in technology illegal. If the USCO can’t protect an individual’s right to copy their own personal property for personal use, then how will they ever protect or guarantee the Library Institutions that right.

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Four more years.. The Jib Jab Movie

by on Feb.27, 2005, under Political Interests

Thanks to the Chuckster for posting this originally, I just felt I had to share it with all

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If the Glove don’t Fit….

by on Jul.29, 2004, under Political Interests

So I served on jury duty for the past couple of days and I’ve got to say it was a disheartening experience. I’ve lost alot of faith in the justice system after this.

The problem was with one of the jurors. They didn’t understand what their job was and how to do it. Without getting into too many specifics. The person was obviously guilty. All evidence proved she was guilty, there wasn’t even questions about the validity of the evidence. The only reason that this juror was voting Not-Guilty was because she didn’t witness the accident herself. That was her reasoning for the woman being not-guilty, she didn’t see it happen so she couldn’t be sure… She believed the woman was guilty, but couldn’t be “SURE” without having witnessed the accident herself and been there for evidence collection.

Soooo. Because she didn’t witness the event. The trial was a mistrial and palm beach county citizens have spend a shit load of money for nothing…

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Enough Evidence for me….

by on Apr.11, 2004, under Political Interests

Let me start by saying that that I came into reading the August 6th, 2001 report expecting to find the evidence that I found and the proof that I needed to justify in my own opinion that our country should have been more prepared for the attacks.

Below is the paragraph that sums it all up for me:

“Nevertheless, FBI information since that time indicates patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York.”

This paragraph sums up a few things for me..

1) The president knew before hand that there were terrorist plots to hijack planes.
2) The president knew the terrorists were planning to use the plains as bombs in New York. Maybe they got the buildings wrong, but the location and use was the same.

With that being said, I can also say though that I completely understand why we weren’t prepared. Nobody thought something like this could have happened. Try to remember back before September 11th, 2001 and ask yourself if you honestly believed that hijackers would cause as much death and destruction as they did on September 11th. Even though the president and FBI and CIA knew of plans to use planes as firebombs, the American public did not. I would have figured worst case scenario, a plane or two gets hijacked and they force them to fly to Afghanistan and hold everyone hostage until their demands are met or the plane was blown out of the sky. The idea of a plane as a bomb wasn’t even an option at the time.

With that in mind, I can see why the report may have been overlooked, and may have been overlooked by many a president. Being that a threat was known to exist that would endanger American

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Lets start the lynching…

by on Mar.29, 2004, under Political Interests

Now this is a website that is going to cause some uproars and problems… It’s one of those things where it was previously available public information, but now it’s EASILY available public information…

Yes, with this little doodaddy of a website you can punch in any name, zip code, or address and see what a person, neighbor or fell bocanian contributed to the 2004 presidential race.

Scary… Just Scary…

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by on Feb.01, 2004, under Political Interests

More and more I hear people talk about Reaganomics and the effect it had on this country. Being a generation x’er, I was not old enough to vote or care during Reagan’s term so I had no real arguing point on this subject. Of course, the people I usually debated this subject with were of my own age and they didn’t really have any facts to base there opinions on either. Because of the lack of information on the actual subject, I decided to actually start doing my own research and thinking into the area. Below is what I have come to believe and feel in the discussion of Reaganomics…


From my understanding, Reaganomics is the belief that steep tax cuts will stimulate the economy and help the economy grow. While in principle, you are putting alot of money into the hands of the American public as a whole, on a paycheck to paycheck level, there is very few extra money in the average americans pocketbook, maybe enough to buy an extra chocolate bar and help stimulate the Nestle Companys economy, but definatly not enough to improve your chances to buy a new car or any other major manufactured good.

Now in theory, Tax Cuts can help the economy. You are putting money into pockets that will be spent back into the economy, no matter how trivial the amount it. The problem with Reaganomics is though the price of the Tax Cuts. The Tax Cuts that Reagan dished out also created an immense deficit in funds. This deficit in turn made investors and banks a bit stand offish on american debt and as such they increased there “Safety Margin” on there interest rates causing the cost of debt to rise to the average american household and also eating up more money than the tax cuts generated.

So the problem with Reagans tax cuts is that they did put more money in the economy, but they caused a deficit which lowered confidence and in turn hurt the economy more than it was attempting to help the economy. Later presidents, Bush 41 and Clinton 42, discovered how important a balanced budget was and worked to lower spending and increase taxes so that there was an even budget and and even a surplus budget. This improved confidence and thus improved the economy.


On a more recent, related issue, this is the problem with Bush’s Tax Cuts. They do not improve confidence in the economy and put very little real money back into the system. Furthermore, they have once again caused a defecit and will hurt confidence and bring us back where we all started.

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